Crocs Charms Luxury Pink Lipstick Fashion Bling Design (25 Piece Set)

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Order includes: 25 pieces of a mix of small, medium and large charms
Materials: rubber, plastic, rhinestone, faux pearl, enamel, metal alloy

Insert your hand into the shoe, so your finger is resting on the back of the charm. Gently, push the charm upwards from inside of the shoe. Gently wiggle the charm through the hole in the shoe with your other hand while you are pushing it outward with your hand inside of the shoe. Continue wiggling until it is pops through. Do not pull upward or you may tear the Crocs hole. Ensure this process is done gently otherwise you can break both the charms and shoes.

Gently push the charm at a 45 degree in the desired hole of the shoe. The rubber of the shoe will gently open as it is very flexible. Push downwards so the base of the charm snaps into place. You can then turn the charm and set it into the desired direction.

These charms held into place with metal prongs. The metal prongs are securely tightened in place. Please do not pull and tug very hard otherwise the prongs can loosen and your gem can be dislodged from the base.

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