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Summer Daze Ice Pops Wax Melts

Summer Daze Ice Pops Wax Melts

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Beat the heat and indulge in the sweetest scents of summer with our new iced pops collection! Crafted with care and bursting with mouthwatering fragrance, these delightful melts are here to whisk you away on a sensory journey filled with nostalgia and bliss.

Experience the refreshing burst of summer with our tantalizing ice pop-inspired fragrances! From juicy peaches to ripe strawberries, each melt is a symphony of summer flavors that'll transport you to sun-kissed beaches and carefree days.

Red Berry: Bursting with the irresistible flavors of ripe strawberries, juicy melons, and a medley of summer berries, each melt delivers a refreshing burst of sweetness that'll transport you to sun-soaked days and lazy afternoons. The addition of sweet orange adds a zesty kick, while warm vanilla sugar rounds out the experience with a comforting embrace.

Orange Tropical: Indulge in the luscious blend of ripe peaches and creamy goodness, reminiscent of enjoying a refreshing treat on a sun-drenched beach. The addition of sweet orange adds a burst of citrusy delight, while warm vanilla sugar wraps you in a cozy embrace, creating a symphony of tropical flavors that will leave your senses craving for more.

Yellow Sun Burst: Each melt is infused with the refreshing tang of zesty lime, the juicy allure of grapefruit, and the sweet essence of ripe oranges, creating a symphony of citrusy delights that'll awaken your senses and brighten your space. As the aroma dances through the air, the warmth of vanilla sugar wraps you in a comforting embrace, leaving you feeling rejuvenated and uplifted.

Blue Slush: Bursting with a vibrant blend of tangy lime, ripe strawberries, and juicy melons, each melt transports you to a sun-drenched paradise. The addition of sweet orange and raspberry adds a zesty and fruity twist, while creamy vanilla adds a velvety touch of sweetness.

Not only do our melts smell divine, but they're also environmentally conscious! Made from all-natural soy wax, they burn cleanly and emit fewer toxins, ensuring a guilt-free indulgence for you and a healthier environment for all.

Ingredients: Soy wax and natural essential oils and fragrances
Measurements: 70 ml/ 2.3 oz
Order includes: 6 pieces 

Indulge in the sweet scent of our candy shop with our delectable dessert-inspired scented wax melts!  Made from all-natural soy wax, each melt is a guilt-free treat for your senses. With charming packaging that's as delightful as the fragrances within, our wax melts are not just a scent, but an experience. They make the perfect gift, beautifully wrapped and ready to brighten someone's day. Dive into a world of pure aromatic bliss because life is too short not to treat yourself or someone special to a little sweetness!

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